DTS 2009

Introducing: Fall 2009 DTS

This is a really fun group of people! We’re so excited they’re here with us in the “Children at Risk” Discipleship Training School.

Over the next few months, we’ll have blog posts by and about this group of young people as they embark on a journey with God that they’ll never forget.

Talasi - YWAM DTS Student

Talasi – Canada

Talasi is from Manitoba, Canada. She loves butter and salt (and McDonald’s). She’s 23. After DTS, Talasi hopes to never stop learning about Jesus.
Katie - YWAM DTS Student

Katie – USA

Katie is from Iowa. She loves Jesus, her family, music, guitars, steak, milk, mountains, motorcycle, reading, talking, traveling, and dancing.After DTS she hopes to continue falling more in love with Jesus and to do something to serve God full-time.
Sebastian - YWAM DTS Student

Sebastian – Germany

Sebastian came here from Germany. He’s 30 and a nature buff! He’s looking forward to joining YWAM Madison full-time as an accountant.
Jamie - YWAM DTS Student

Jamie – USA

Jamie is from Wisconsin. She’s 23 and a recent graduate of the UW. She’s a fan of pole vaulting, toads, swings, kids, hiking, veggies, French fries, board games, and playing in the woods.After the DTS, she’ll look for a job as a personal trainer.
Jaedn - YWAM DTS Student

Jaedn – USA

Jaedn is 19 and is from Arizona. He loves his family and friends and hopes to study to be a pastor after the Discipleship Training School.
Holly - YWAM DTS Student

Holly – USA

Holly is from Michigan. She’s 19 and enjoys “frolicking, taking naps in the grass, playing in the rain puddles with my socks on.”She’s still figuring out what she’ll do when the DTS is over (maybe she’ll have to dry out her socks). But she invites you to ask when the time comes. It will probably involve frolicking.
Genae - YWAM DTS Student

Genae – USA

Genae also comes to us from Iowa. She’s 20, going on 26. She loves walking and talking with Jesus, family, traveling, food, drawing, coffee, laughing, flowers, friends, sunny days, making corndogs! She’s also an expert smoothie maker (but NOT a carnie.)After DTS she hopes to take a year-long Bible school, and go wherever Jesus leads. She’s hoping for a lot of traveling!
Evynn - YWAM DTS Student

Evynn – Canada

Evynn is from “City-Barrie, Province-Ontario, Country-Canada, Habitation-Earth.” She’s 18 and in love with nutella and pretzels.She also lives for adventure, kids, life, obviously Jesus, chocolate milk, caving, tubing. And she can talk about tobogganing (or many other subjects) at length.

Although she does not know what she’ll do once the DTS is over, she’s excited for life.

Christina - YWAM DTS Student

Christina – USA

Christina is from Virginia. She’s 18 years old and loves “Jesus, hiking, my family, bestie, silliness, chick-flicks, dance parties, movie nights, driving to get lost.”After DTS she is excited to LIVE!
YWAM Madison Discipleship Training School 2009

the slightly goofier side of the bunch