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Intercession that Changes the News — Praying for Drug Cartels & A Day without Murder

So far, the DTS students are loving the Go Conference in Colorado! It’s a very packed schedule, but good. Each morning, we have two hours of worship and intercession (prayer for others) followed by class, workshops, small group and evening sessions.

Yesterday, we (the whole conference) prayed for Juarez, Mexico. Two of our school staff are actually in Juarez right now. Juarez has been rated the most violent city in the world—the gang and drug warfare has gotten so intense, and many innocent people are caught in the crossfire. Seven people are murdered each day there.

As we prayed, our hearts broke for the city and the people. We caught a glimpse of God’s broken heart for them, too. We split into groups of seven and each group prayed for a different day of the week. It was a very powerful time of intercession.

“I challenge you to look in the newspapers tomorrow,” said one of the leaders at the conference. “See how God has answered our prayers for Juarez.”

Today, I got a text message from my friend John, who’s in Juarez. I had told him we were praying for them and for the city.

“There were no murders in Juarez today!” he texted. “And Beca’s dad was saved from a dangerous, life-threatening situation.”

I got so excited I couldn’t wait to share with the rest of the conference—God had heard our desperate prayers for the city and was able to do something for the people there. Our prayer made a real, tangible difference! Everyone was weeping with gratefulness to God in amazement that he had heard our prayers and answered.

May we never forget the power of prayer. It really does change lives and change nations!

By Paul, DTS leader

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