How can God be good even when He’s angry?

Abi - YWAM Bible School student

Abi, YWAM Madison Bible School for the Nations student

by Abi, Bible School for the Nations Student

The past nine weeks of studying the Old Testament have transformed my relationship with, and understanding of, the Lord.

From the beginning of creation review Inflatable Clown Jumper in Genesis to the time of the Minor Prophets ending with Malachi, God’s character has proven consistent and fully good. Going into the school, I had read much of the Old Testament, but just skimmed over the hard passages that I had no idea what to do with.

I knew in my head that God is good, which was what I stuck to amidst the anger, killing, wrath and destruction that seemingly fills the Old Testament.

What has been key for my heart to understand during my studies is God’s heart of goodness and care for his people that roots his anger and wrath. We all know it and hear about it–the Old Testament is filled with point-blank statements saying that God is angry. The Holy Spirit really moved in me and shifted my view of it all while studying the prophet Jeremiah.

This is where revelation came when I saw that God always prefers mercy before judgment, always judges accordingly to each individual, and how God would not be good if he wasn’t angry with the sins of his children that caused oppression and neglect of the poor, widow, and the fatherless.

God is good and righteous in his judgments and anger. He is never arbitrary and always desires the best for his people. God is sovereign as he accomplishes his plans to redeem his people but works through the free will choices that his people make for themselves. God chooses to move differently as we pray (Moses’ Intercession for Israel) and is so personal with his people (Mt. Sinai). God is so good!

What I am most moved by and incredibly grateful for is the heart knowledge and strengthening of my personal relationship with the Lord.

There are so many things I’ve known since growing up in a Christian household, but where the truth of the word has met me most is in my heart. I know a lot about God but I have been so blessed to get to know God and his character more deeply, even in my own story now.

With every doubt and attack I started out against God with, my heart has been strengthened with the truth, goodness, and heart of God the Holy Spirit has revealed to me in my studies and my quiet times. In every hardship I’ve faced and relationship that has been left broken, God has met me with truth and love to bring healing and conviction in those areas of my life.

Although a hard process at times, I can already see the transformation taking place in my heart and life by the grace of God to bring me to the fullness of who I am as a young warrior bride so deeply cared for by my great and mighty King!

And I’ve only studied the Old Testament. I can’t wait to dive into the New!