Hot Chocolate Spells Love in Many Languages

by Hannah W., DTS student

“How can we minister to people who don’t speak our language?” I asked God.

Immediately, a picture of the “bunny village” we had passed earlier came to mind. Yes, a bunny village in the center of town, complete with a faux fountain, street lights, and tiny houses for the bunnies to inhabit.

What would we do at a bunny village, of all places? I took a moment to quiet my heart and listened to God for some ideas.

I looked outside at the snow covered trees. People bundled in warm jackets walked past, heads down, hands jammed in their pockets. The thought came to mind: “pass out hot chocolate at the bunny village.”

YWAM Madison DTS Snow Covered Riga

I shared the idea with my team. They were just as excited as I was. We gathered our supplies and set off for the bus to the bunny village. This would be a great way to meet people and thaw their reserve.

Our excitement soon turned to doubting. Our bus was crowded, but silent. I remembered yesterday, when it was so hard to interact with people. We’re in Latvia, a part of the world not particularly known for being open or extraverted. How would people react to us strangers?

But this was the idea God gave us, so we pressed on.

All my fears melted when I saw how immediately we were accepted. (Who can say no to free hot chocolate on a cold day?) People smiled as we placed the steaming cups in their hands. 

Even though communication with words was a challenge, our smiles, eye contact, and warmth communicated God’s love!