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Hope Among the Lepers

We pulled up to the leper colony just as the sun slipped behind a cluster of rundown buildings. I climbed out of the van and followed our guide down an alley that wove past small homes.

The guide paused at a home with a white door. “Hello,” he called in the native dialect. “We’re here to pray for people. Can we pray for you?” he asked.

An elderly man inside the house invited us to sit with him. He smiled as we knelt next to him on the dirt floor. Our prayers felt small in the face of his poverty and apparent pain. But you would never guess it by the way he smiled. He was so grateful for our prayers!

We found ourselves kn in the dirt many times that day, our hearts overflowing with compassion as we prayed for people whose legs ended in stump covered bandages or oozing wounds. But despite all they had lost, they still kept smiling. They gratefully accepted our prayers. And suddenly it struck me. Although I had come to pray for them, they were blessing me far more.

Their childlike faith stirred my heart to trust God more. I realized that my softly spoken prayers really did matter. These prayers were imparting value to people who’d experienced much rejection. And every smile I saw that day revealed a powerful truth — beauty can never be erased so long as hope remains.

by Abigail on DTS outreach in South Asia. Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash.

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