Highlights and Gag Reels

by the whole team!

  • Travis bought the grocery store out of milk – 14 bags brought shocked looks from the cashier.
  • At Empress Gardens, we saw lots of TREES!!! Sadly we had to pay to take pictures. But we didn’t have to pay to climb them and swing down from a vine!
  • P.D. got his athletic shoes polished by a street kid. “What can I say?” he chuckled. “He was a good kid.”
  • We went to our first Indian church service. Travis gave his testimony. And we sang two songs together as a team in front of 500++ people. We’re not exactly the Von Trapps either… lol…
  • Matt, Rynn and Travis all got sick on Tuesday. They’re better now, though.
  • We went on a prayerwalk tour of the city. We went to several Hindu temples and a couple places where street kids live.
  • P.D. paid $2 (94 rupees) to use the bathroom at the airport (usually costs 2 rupees)
  • We discovered that if an American walks solo down the street, every rickshaw will pull over to offer a ride.
  • First Travis, then Abe, rode on the back of a motorcycle. Travis was terrified.
  • Jen managed to lock us into the house, not once, but twice! Paul, P.D., and Hattie also locked us in at other times. I guess we’re still learning how to use Indian doors.