prayer in Nepal

Healing Prayers in Nepal

by Jackie, BSN Student. Photos by Jackie.

After class one day in the Bible seminar, the staff held a prayer meeting for the participants. Each person there felt God’s presence in different, specific ways. Some were healed of physical pain, others of emotional pain. Some students felt joy that they hadn’t known in a long time, or were able to release anger that had been building up inside. What was going to be a short prayer time turned into a two hour session that ended up with people dancing for joy outside!

I interviewed some of the staff and students to get their unique perspectives. Here’s what they said:

“God told me that He knows about my sickness. He heard my prayers and healed me,” said Gita, one of the female
participants.Diana, who had been teaching, said “I just knew that God wanted to heal. Not just physically, but also within their hearts. I cried out for God to change the fear, anxiety and doubt these men and women had in their lives. And then the presence of God came so heavily. It wasn’t scary. It was safe. He was filling and overflowing into all of their lives.”

Genae said, “As we started to pray, I felt like God spoke to me to gently place my hand on each of the girls and ask for God’s felt presence to fill them. As I did this, I noticed that they would begin to cry. God was breaking through walls in their hearts. It was as if I was all able to help them feel God’s love.”

“The air felt thick,” said Michael. “I felt like if I jumped, I could swim in it! But it was so peaceful. I asked the Lord: ‘Who can I pray for and bless with your words?’ God brought a young man to my attention, so I prayed for him. I told him that God was really proud of him and loved him so deeply, that God saw how brave he was. Later, I found out that the prayers broke through a lot of his anger. It was then that he finally believed in God’s love.”

“That morning, while Michael and I prayed for the class time, specific words came to mind: power, presence, and celebration. Once we started to pray with the seminar participants in the class, the atmosphere changed drastically. God’s presence felt so strong in the center of the room, I felt like I couldn’t even walk near to it! I felt like the King of Glory was literally in the middle of the room and so I began praising and worshipping Him. It was radical. All of the participants were crying out to the Lord and feeling him heal things in their hearts and lives. During all of this I was reminded that there was a time for mourning and a time for dancing. So at the end, we brought all the students outside and we all began to sing and dance. The atmosphere turned to pure joy. Villagers gathered and watched as the students let the excitement flow. I was so satisfied because God met us all.”

Throughout this time, God did mighty things. Some people were healed, others had new revelations of God’s love and were taken to a new depth with Him. He filled the room and spoke to everyone in new ways. A student named Maya, summed it up well: “God told me in that time He touched everyone’s heart. He says that we are all changed.”