YWAM Missionaries in children's home in Asia

Prayer and Affection Unlock a Hurting a Heart

Written by LaShanda

This week God showed me the power of prayer and affection.

Our team has been working in a foster home for kids with medical problems. Every day, the staff pray God to heal the kids. I wanted to see the children healed too. So I joined them in praying for the kids. But I had no idea I would get to see those prayers answered so soon.

One little boy, named Michael, was malnourished and struggled with an attachment disorder. Before he came to this home, he’d lived in a state run orphanage with little attention. And he spent his first six years trapped in a little crib. Now, he wouldn’t play with other kids, wave, or accept the love that the staff wanted to give him. Basically, he couldn’t relate to anyone. He’d lived in the foster home for a year, now. And although he was healthier and showing signs of physical growth, he still had a long way to go emotionally.

Michael stole my heart from the first day. All week long, I found moments to try and connect with him. And although, he still seemed trapped inside, I hoped that soon, the real Michael would emerge. I thought of him mostly as I prayed for the kids at the home.

Then one day, something amazing happened. It was so amazing that the staff at the home nearly gasped. They’d never seen anything like it. I was trying to play with Michael when suddenly, he leaned over and planted two kisses on my right cheek!

Often, it’s hard to measure the impact of our prayers and simple acts of love. But for one little Chinese boy, they made all the difference in the world!



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  1. Hi LaShanda,
    We are so glad you got the oppertunity to minister to these
    presious little ones of our Lord Jesus, we don’t understand
    why things happen the way they do but we have an AWESOME GOD
    and SOME DAY we will know and understand, until then we must carry on HIS work, you are doing what He wants you to do. We miss you dearly but we will continue to pray for you and all of your group , tell Kevin we thank him for allowing God to use him the way he is, God Bless All of you.
    We love and miss you so much
    Grma & Grpa

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