Living Koine Greek

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Living Koine Greek

Learn Biblical Greek a different way!

Do you feel called to participate in Ending Bible Poverty? Gain a new tool to deepen your understanding of the original language of the New Testament. Open doors to new ministry partnerships for oral Bible translation through an understanding of Biblical Greek!

What to expect

Learn to love God and his Word more as you interact with it in its original language!  Students will internalize the basics of Biblical Greek, not by memorizing graphs and charts, but by learning to listen, speak, read, and write in Koine Greek; building fluency and gaining a strong foundation in the language.


Dates TBD (Coming 2024!)

If you are interested in the course, but your availability is limited to a certain time of year, reach out and let us know, as we are still determining the dates based on interest of prospective students!

Email us at with your interest and availability, or just begin the application process and leave a comment in the application.

How much

$160, not including room and board for those interested in in-person learning.

If you want to study in community with others here at YWAM Madison, let us know in the application, and we will follow up with you with details about the cost of room and board (as those are subject to change based on a variety of factors).

Engage with God’s word on a whole new level!

Χαίρετε! Living Koine Greek (LKG) is an introductory course to learning the basics of Koine Greek, or Biblical Greek, the original language of the New Testament.  It is provided in partnership with the Biblical Language Center (  Join online or in person!

The LKG course utilizes what is known as Communicative Language Teaching (CLT); this means that the language is taught in the target language, creating a more efficient and enjoyable learning process. The curriculum draws heavily from ancient Greek-Latin conversation manuals that members of each culture (Greeks and Romans) used to learn the other’s language. We cover a range of practical, daily life activities—from getting oneself ready in the morning, to going to school and sitting through a lesson, to discussing one’s family, and more! All with the goal of providing authentic, real-life communication that will help you think and speak in Koine Greek.

Our Classes follow a flipped classroom model, where the material learned in homework will be reviewed and practiced in various contexts and small group settings, with a particular focus on building fluency. Starting from the absolute beginning level, Koine Greek will be used for about 90 percent of all communication that takes place, which will increase in complexity as the course progresses. You will describe pictures, express ideas, read and discuss texts, and ask one another questions to obtain information, all with a focus on immediate comprehension in Greek, and not via translation. This makes it so that you will think in the language right from the start, building the necessary foundation for fluent reading.

You will develop all four language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – in Koine Greek, cultivate a love for God’s word in its original language, and gain tools to understand the Bible with more precision and depth.

It is said of studying the Bible that the first step of interpretation is translation.  Come and start the journey of making that first step your own! 

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