Great Expectations

The following is a letter by Kyli, one of the students. It’s her letter to God about her expectations for the next 10 months in the School of the Bible.

God — 

What I want to take away from this school is a deep, passionate, on fire, unshakable unsinkable love for you. Transform my mind! I don’t want to feel incapable of knowing and living your Word. I want to learn and develop skills to use every time I open your Word. I want to communicate with people in a richer way. I want revelation I cannot deny!

I want to come face to face with you, God. I want you to rock my world. 

Teach me to think. I want to learn. Bulldoze my presuppositions and show me clearly what is really truth. I want to live in reality.

This school is about heart change, so God, my heart is in your hands. I want our hearts to beat in the same rhythm. I want to love you not just with my heart, but with my mind, with my every thought, with my time and energy. With my life!

— Kyli