God is in the business of rescuing people

by Trevor, Children at Risk DTS student

Friday night, we joined Martin and Kim for street evangelism. We began the night with prayer on the outskirts of the Montrose neighborhood. God shared with us that while He is the one knocking on the doors of peoples’ hearts, when they open their door tonight they will see one of us standing there.

“God, help us be like Jesus tonight,” we prayed. “Bring us to people whose hearts you've already been speaking to.”

Right as we finished praying, a young couple came up to us and asked for prayer. They had been living on the streets together for a while. The young woman was several months pregnant.

“We don't want this baby to grow up like we did,” she said. “We want the baby to have a mom and a dad. To not have CPS (Child Protective Services) coming all the time.”

We talked to her and her boyfriend for a while. They seemed to know a little about God already. We prayed for them that they would seek God's will for their lives–and for their child.

One of our team mentioned Father Heart, a residential program for expectant mothers. Living at Father Heart would bring the young woman off the street and into a safe environment. She would receive counseling and medical care, learn how to raise a healthy baby, and even have the chance to get her GED. Or if she and her boyfriend chose adoption for their child, they would have the support they needed, too.

She agreed to go to Father Heart and thanked us for praying for her. Five days later, at Street Church, I saw them again. The young woman told me that she was ready to move and begin a new life at Father Heart. Our team was so encouraged that God had answered our prayers for that night–and that He really was in the business of rescuing people of all ages.

Please pray with us that this young couple will continue to draw closer to God and make good decisions for themselves and for their child.