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God is Bigger than the Mexican Cartel

Mexico was the most heart-wrenching outreach I have ever been on.

Why? Was it because the town we went to didn’t have any running water? Was it because the cartel ran some of the villages, ruining so many kids’ lives? Was it because kids in villages were being married off by the age of 10? Was it because of the many unreached people groups we encountered?

It was all of this and more. It was also the hospitality of strangers and the way God moved in amazing ways. Mexico now holds a dear place in my heart because of my experiences. And although the cartel is very present in parts of Mexico, God’s presence is in all of Mexico, and He is bigger than any cartel.

There is HOPE. This is something I learned in Mexico. The Christians are filled with hope to see God move.

On our outreach, we traveled deep into the country-side (24 hour trip!) to the tiny village of Tzicatlán. We were the very first foreign missionaries to visit this village. We carried with us our Bibles and the teachings we had developed during our Bible School for the Nations. And we were excited to meet the many pastors and church leaders who had traveled to Tzicatlán for our seminar.

As we prepared for the seminar, the weight of being the first foreign missionaries felt heavy. We desperately wanted to present the Gospel in a way that showed who God truly is. But as I taught, the weight lifted and I discovered how much He can speak through me, even with all my own flaws. God didn’t need me to be perfect. He simply wanted me to do my best.

I taught on how to live the Christian lifestyle. And as I shared His truths from my heart, I saw Him deeply touch the people there. By the end of the service, many people were recommitting their lives to God. Some were even giving their lives to God for the first time! It was a beautiful thing God did. And I felt so honored to be a part of it

After our seminar, we sent the participants out on their own outreach. They were so excited to share the truths they had been learning all week. And as they went house to house, they discovered that the people were just as eager to hear about God. There is such power in God’s word. And there really are people just waiting to hear it!

So, the next time you hear a bad report about some scary thing happening in the world, just remember God is bigger. God is bigger than the cartels. He is bigger than any problem. And He is just waiting for His people to step out in courage so He that “He can strongly support them.” (2 Chron. 16:9)

Story by Karissa, Bible School for the Nations Student (BSN)

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