God answers all kinds of prayers

from Marlies, DTS student on outreach in Greece

Sometimes when God shows up, He descends in a pillar of fire to guide his people to the Promised Land. Other times he manifests in a burning bush for just one dude. And many other times, He answers small prayers in quiet ways to show us how much he loves us.

Marlies, from Austria, struggles with initiating conversations with new people, in part because English is her second language. So a few nights ago, as our team was praying for each other, I asked God to send people straight to her as if the rest of our team were invisible.

The next morning as we are worshipping in an abandoned 700 year old church, two backpackers walk in. Marlies strikes up a conversation with them. As it turns out, they were German and so share Marlies’ native language. With no language barrier, Marlies is able to talk to them about God.

In that moment, our teamĀ got to see how God met Marlies right where she was.

Nothing ground breaking happened, no fire fell from the sky. God simply heard our prayer, and answered.

If God can hear our prayer for something so small, surely he is capable of hearing and answering our grand prayers for unity in Cyprus. Please join us in praying for this divided nation to be united once again.