Getting to know YWAM Houston

by Trevor, Children at Risk DTS student

Houston team - YWAM Madison Children at Risk DTS

The Houston team - YWAM Madison Children at Risk DTS

After we settled into our duplex, “home” for the next three weeks, our hosts and directors of YWAM Houston, Martin and Kim Dale, told us about their city and why they’ve chosen to develop a ministry there. It was exciting to learn so much about Houston and to hear the passion the Martins have for the people there—as well as the significant role the city already plays.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States. It is an epicenter of the urbanization trend with an influx of residents drawn to the University of Houston, the Texas Medical Center, the Port of Houston, and the energy sector.

It is also international, with the University of Houston drawing students from around the world. The renowned Conrad N. Hilton College provides world-class hospitality career training which has attracted many Arabs. YWAM Houston has identified this as a unique opportunity to reach out to a people group which has been historically hard to get access to.

meal prep for men's shelter - YWAM Madison DTS Houston outreach

Chopping potatoes and onions for mealtime at a men's shelter.

The Texas Medical Center is the largest conglomerate of research and healthcare facilities in the world, employing over 76,000 people. Martin indicated that there is a spiritual gift of healing over the city, evidenced by the pioneering work done at the Texas Medical Center, particularly in the areas of cancer research and the development of an inter-institutional transplant program.

The Port of Houston handles more international freight than any other port in the United States. YWAM Houston has a vision of Houston being a hub of more than just merchandise—they want to see God use Houston as a center for missions, bringing people to reach those in Houston and sending people from Houston out to the nations. Martin coined the opportunity presented by an urban center like Houston “the Great Commission in reverse.”

God has brought many people with many different needs to one place. Houston is home to more mega-churches with congregations of 10,000+ than any other city. Yet there is still a great need for people who are called to serve the needy, the fatherless, and the afflicted. YWAM Houston is calling out for laborers to come and reach these people!