Getting ready for Nicaragua

It is almost the end of our first day here in Madison…and it was a busy one. The girls all seem to be bonding well. (We have a team of seven — all girls).

After eating sloppy joes together last night, we headed to our lounge and played some get-to-know you games. We ended the evening with a round of “Killer Uno” … which is Uno with a bunch of extra silly rules added to it.

Today, we started off with worship and then a teaching on devotionals and the character of God. In their personal devotions, a common theme that came up was about giving their all to God and what it means to be completely committed to Him in everything.

We’ve also been learning kids’ songs in Spanish and this afternoon began learning an African style dance to the song “O Si Funi Mungu.”

Tonight, we learned about Nicaragua, ate popcorn, and roasted some s’mores. The girls are having a lot of fun…I can tell from the giggling I can hear down the hallway right now.

Thanks so much for praying for us! Please continue to pray that the girls will grow spiritually these next few weeks. And that the hearts of the people in Nicaragua will be touched by their lives.

You can see more pictures on our Flickr photostream here.