Getting Ready for DTS

by Lo, Children at Risk DTS student, right before she joined us. After DTS, Lo decided to join staff with YWAM Madison.

YWAM DTS - Asia outreach

Sunset in the mountains. Photo credit David Woo.

I leave for DTS in 9 days.

I’m sitting here trying to pack and its proving most difficult. I feel like I’m going off to war, like I’m going to die. But I think I’m just scared because I know that this is just the beginning. From here everything changes. I change.

God has been leading me towards this for so long. I’m excited and I will always follow Him anywhere. But I know I’m not going to come back the same person. He’s going to change me, transform me in ways that I can’t even imagine!

And it may sound weird, but that scares me — I won’t have the choice to sit around and not do anything anymore.

Meeting the plan God has for me is going to be the most thrilling experience of my life, and I’m terrified. But I know that God holds me through everything, he is my strength and I know I can do this with Him. It’s all I’ve ever wanted!

So please be in prayer right now and the next week. Pray that my fears will wash away and I will find comfort in the fact that this is what I was made for. Pray that God would continue to remind me I don’t need to worry or be afraid of missing my family and friends. He is with them always, too.

A song that has continued to hold me over this week and continues to remind me why i am doing this is Albertine by Brooke Fraser: Now that I have seen, I am responsible. Faith without deeds is dead.