Missionaries doing fear exercise

Games, fun and no fear

Written by Anna

Organize a Vacation Bible School camp for 23 kids that would last for five days? No problem. Do that with two days of prep? How could we ever pull that off?

The moment my team accepted the challenge, we asked God what He wanted to tell the kids in the camp. As we prayed, we were led to read from 2 Timothy 1:7.

That’s it! “No Fear” would be our VBS theme.

We spent hours preparing, creating stories, songs, games and crafts. Our team pulled together with unity and wisdom that could only come from God.

On the first morning of the camp, we woke early to pray for the day. We felt prepared as the campers arrived. We divided into groups, pulled out our lesson plans and games, and asked God for grace amid the chaos.

And in the midst of it all, God gave us that grace.

By the time the VBS ended, the kids’ parents, teachers and the kids themselves told us how much the camp impacted their lives. We could see a difference in the children’s faces, actions and words. A couple of their stories come to mind.

One girl had been having trouble sleeping before she came to the camp. “But I have been reading my Bible every night before bed,” she said. “Now I sleep really well.”

Another boy, age 9, said he had “No Fear” because God is with him — he doesn’t need to be afraid.

These are just a few stories of many. It was inspiring to see God’s faithfulness. Even though we had been asked at the last minute to run the VBS, God stepped in and helped us. We learned that our team had been the answer to prayer for the people who organized the camp. What a great God we serve who would teach us so well!