Fundraising: faith-stretching and trust-building, Tim & Nicole’s story

Tim & Nicole - faith & finances story

Tim & Nicole

by Tim W., YWAM Madison staff
My wife, Nicole, and I were about to lead an outreach to Japan and needed to see God provide $4000 for us to go.

After accumulating debt from an outreach a few years ago, we decided that we wouldn’t go again without God first providing 100% of what we needed. Outreach was about five weeks away. We had no money and no plane ticket and not a lot of time to fundraise. It was Thanksgiving week and we were heading into a vacation and the holidays.

We prayed saying, “God, if you want us to do this thing you have to provide all the money and the plane ticket.”

God, knowing what we needed, prompted us to pray each day for His provision. As we did this, it kept our focus on Him as provider and gave us the perspective and strategy we needed to obey his promptings.

When we had time to fundraise, we surprisingly didn’t see God’s provision. It was tempting to get discouraged, but we kept praying daily. When we couldn’t actively fundraise — when we could only pray — is when God brought in the money. God provided everything we needed and in many unplanned and unexpected ways.

We often hear fundraising is a faith-stretching experience, which it is. But this went beyond stretching our faith — it was a rich experience that established a deeper level of intimacy and trust with God.

We learned that even when, on the surface, it looks like God is absent or apathetic, he is doing so much — we just don’t see it yet!