YWAM Madison Foundations for Transforming Nations Bible School

Foundations for Transforming Nations Curriculum

Foundations for Transforming Nations is a three month course that builds on what you learned in your University of the Nations Bible Core Course. It will go into greater depth on what the Bible has to say about the different spheres.

  • Worldview and Absolutes:
    This introduction to the school will lay the foundation for the rest of the weeks as we learn how ideas have consequences. We’ll also give an introduction to Kingdom of God thinking.
  • Principles of Church + application
  • Kingdom of God in History:
    These weeks will cover Kingdom of God principles, Worldview of History, Early Church history, Middle Ages, Pre-Reformation and Reformation Movements, the Enlightenment, Modernism, Post-Modernism, Revival movements and their fruit
  • Principles of Family + application
  • Principles of Government + application
  • Principles of Education + application
  • Principles of Economics + application
  • Principles of Science and Technology, Arts and Entertainment + application
  • Applied Principles: For the final two weeks of the course, we will look at case studies and apply the biblical principles of the spheres with an emphasis on government and economics.
  • Students will also complete a research project, along with individual study assignments.

Book List:

  • Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, Chip and Dan Heath
  • His Kingdom Come, Jim Stier
  • Issues Facing Christians Today, John Stott and John Wyatt, edited by Roy McCloughry
  • The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization, Vishal Mangalwadi
  • Church History in Plain Language, Bruce Shelley
  • Prevailing Worldviews of Western Society since 1500, Glenn Martin