DTS students in Mexico

Finding Jesus in a Mexican Rehab Center

By Katie
DTS Student

It was dark when we pulled up to the rehab center. We squeezed out of our van and filed through a gated door past the guard. We greeted the few patients who sat on couches in the front foyer, then walked down the wide hall to the big open room at the end.

We sat in a big circle as patients filled the empty chairs. I had no idea what to expect. But as Jeremie and Hugo started to sing worship songs in Spanish, the patients started signing too. I could tell they really wanted to be with us. They were actually hungry for God.

After we performed some skits, shared testimonies and presented the Gospel, Jamie asked if anyone wanted to come forward for prayer.

To my surprise, about half the room stood up. Tears rolled down their cheeks as we gathered around them and prayed. That night, thirteen people gave their lives to God!