flock of birds

Freedom for One – Freedom for All

by Brianna R
DTS student

Our first night at the children’s home in Ma Sai, Thailand, a young girl befriended me. She wrapped my arms around her in a big hug. While we chatted about her favorite Thai songs, she played with my hair. All week long, she told me about her dreams and about her favorite things.

“What’s your favorite animal?” I asked her.

“It’s silly,” she said, as we walked down the road back to the children’s home. “But my favorite animals are birds. I would love to be a bird so I could fly and see new places and new things!”

Through her response, God taught me so much about His goodness, grace and power. You see, when Tina was young she was being sold into human trafficking until she was rescued by the couple who run the children’s home. Now, she is one of the top students in her grade at school. God saved her from a life of bondage and instead has given her freedom.

God taught me through Tina that the fight for human trafficking is worth it. Although the statistics are stacked against us, our God is a god of redemption who is powerful beyond measure.

Even if only one girl gets out, it’s worth fighting my whole life for just that one. Because every child and every woman deserves to have dreams and freedom like Tina. To give that freedom to one more person would be worth it.

Every single individual life is worth it.