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Free to Dream Again

by Keisha, DTS student, in Nepal

Meet Mira*. She dreams of receiving an education and for her son to attend school, too. Meet Laxmi*. She dreams of dancing. Then there’s Laila. She dreams of opening her own store here in Kathmandu. There are other women here, too, with similar, vibrant dreams—dreams of going on holiday with family, becoming a teacher, having a daughter, opening a home for sexually-exploited children, owning a house, being able to walk again.

Before they came to Beauty for Ashes, these nine women didn’t know they could still dream big, bright, hopeful dreams. They were at high risk for trafficking. Some were rescued from the sex trade. They were exploited and told they were not valuable.

Beauty for Ashes International, Inc. was formed in Nepal to provide viable employment for these women, so they are able to support themselves and their families. They have a community of people who love them. Now, instead of selling their bodies on the streets, they sell the beautiful jewelry they’ve learned to make here.

The house where they work is filled with sparkling beads, bright colors, and the mischievous giggles of young Nepali girls. And when I look at the girls, I don’t see victims of sex slavery and trafficking. I see women with healing hearts, who are hardworking and filled with joy. Most of all, I see dreamers. And I can’t help but smile at how God is faithful to help make their dreams come true.

* names have been changed

Photo credit, Beauty for Ashes Int’l LLC