For Such A Time as This

As our airplane descended toward the island of Samoa, I felt anxiety welling up in my chest again. We were the first team from YWAM Madison to ever come to Samoa and I had no idea what to expect.

My four teammates and I exited the plane, grabbed our bags and crammed into the back of a taxi. As our taxi swerved through the traffic, I stared out the window and prayed under my breath — Why did you bring me here, Jesus?

Immediately, I heard that still small voice of God whisper back, “You’re here for a reason.” God reminded me of the prayers people prayed for our team before we left. Two different people told us that just as Esther was appointed queen “for such a time as this,” so our team had a very specific mission from God for the exact timing we were going to Samoa.

I sucked in a deep breath. I trust you Jesus, I prayed. And I’m really curious to discover what your mission for our team is.

Our taxi pulled into the YWAM base and I climbed out. I planted my hands on my hips, arched my back, and looked around at my home for the next two months. Small hut like structures rose from the grassy plain. Behind the buildings, palm trees stretched their fronds towards the sapphire sky. One thing was certain — Samoa was beautiful!

The next morning we met Sose, the YWAM base leader. “You are a specific answer to our prayers!” she said with a huge smile. “We have been praying for a team that was passionate for children at risk to come run our Learning Center. We knew that all our staff needed to take a six week counseling seminar. So our whole base started praying for an outreach team to come who would genuinely love our kids. And then you wrote us! Isn’t God good!”

I could hardly believe my ears! We really were here for such a time as this! God really did have a mission in mind for us. For the next 6 weeks, we would teach 50 kids age 5-17. These kids were unable to afford traditional schooling in Samoa. And now, we would become a part of filling their minds with knowledge and their hearts with love to give them hope for the future. I couldn’t wait to start teaching!

YWAM Madison DTS Samoa Outreach Children at Risk Learning Center 2

YWAM Madison DTS Samoa Outreach Children at Risk Learning Center 3