Faith & Finances: When you don’t go — Ben’s Story

by Ben M., staff

I was very excited to return to Japan with this year’s Bible School for the Nations (BSN) outreach. I had been there on my own BSN outreach in 2012 and would now have the opportunity to lead. Unfortunately, my funds were far from where I needed them. As I prayed and continued to trust God to provide, I actually felt a distinct peace in not going. I had already raised some of the money, and the BSN team would conclude the second half of outreach in San Francisco, close to my home town.

As I prayed more, God put on my heart how to steward my money: I should go exclusively to San Francisco to meet the team there after they completed their ministry in Japan.

I had just received $200 in support/donations that I needed to bring to the accounting department to process. I also asked the accountant to update my financial statement since my outreach plans changed. I was happily surprised to see that I only owed $185! Not only had God provided more than what I needed, but he provided further assurance that I was making a responsible decision in being a steward of what I have.

Psalm 37:4 says,”Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart.”

While God loves giving us our desires, he won’t give us our desires when they can be harmful to ourselves, or when doing so would be irresponsible. God provided my funds, assurance that I was being financially responsible, and a wonderful outreach opportunity all at the same time.