Faith & Finances: Greg & Jewel’s story

by Greg, YWAM Madison staff. Greg will co-lead a YWAM Fundraising Seminar in March.

Greg teaching at Go Conference

Greg, speaking at the 2013 Go Conference

Jewel and I have been in YWAM for over 24 years combined. We’ve been on countless (well, probably around 30 outreaches) between the two of us. And we’ve had to fundraise for each and every one of them. (And we also have a house and three kids.)

The amazing thing is that every time God provides in a different way. Sometimes we’ve just sent out appeal letters to our friends and family. Sometimes we’ve sent out hand-written notes to just a small group of select individuals.

Just this past year, my wife and I needed to raise around $5,000 for outreach. This time, we felt like God leading us to send out a newsletter to the 300 people on our mailing list and to invite them to partner with us. We saw a good response and we had my wife’s outreach pretty much covered. But I still needed around $2,000 for my own travel.

As I prayed about our finances, I felt like God popped an old friend’s name into my mind. I planned to email him to ask if he would consider joining our support team. But before I was even able to get in touch with him, I found out that he had just sent almost $2,000 for us. I was completely amazed by God. While this particular friend got our monthly ministry updates, I hadn’t actually talked to him in at least four years. It was an amazing answer to prayer. And it was yet another way of God showing me how personal He is and how He is capable of taking care of amazing details.