“Everything” in the DR

This time here in the Dominican has been such an amazing time. I never knew how much of an eye opener it would be for me.

Saturday, we walked around the streets inviting people to come join us for a service (which is more like a party) outside of the church. It was a blast!

The party started off with some of the Dominicans singing and dancing. It was so much fun to praise God with them. After that, we did a couple of crazy dramas. I volunteered to give my testimony, even though it is usually very hard for me to speak in front of a big group

I decided to talk about Matthew 11:28, “Come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest.” I talked about the many struggles in my life and how Jesus brought me out of them.

I have a hard time — I just keep my pain inside and don’t let anyone see it. But I know now that I can lay everything I have, good and bad things, in His Hands.

I know that God was with me while I talked and it was actually very easy to tell my testimony! After I was done, one of the Dominicans performed a Spanish rap. It was a very strong story about two brothers. Missy then gave her testimony. It was very comforting to hear that you need to just come to God with all your problems and not just hide your pain.

When she was done, they did a drama to the song by Lifehouse called “Everything.”  Every time I see that skit it gives me goose bumps because it relates to me in every way. Watching it helps me realize Jesus really is everything I need. It was such a fun night. I will never forget it.

I am having one of the best times of my life here in the Dominican Republic, and I’m very sad to think that in a week we will be leaving. I hope and pray that God will use me in so many ways to help the people here in the Dominican Republic, even though I am having a lot of trouble trying to speak Spanish with them. I am so excited for the rest of the week. We have such an AMAZING GOD!!!!!!! I want to be changed from the inside out!!

(Here’s a video of the skit “Everything” … it’s not us, though.)