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Every Number Has a Name

Seven billion.That’s how many people are in the world.

It’s hard to wrap your mind around that number, so I’ll make it a little easier. I’m in Japan which has a population of 127.3 million. There are so many people! The subways can be quite interesting when they are full and the streets are always busy with people.

I was sitting in a Japanese service for people without a home before we got to help serve them lunch, and it struck me how many people there were. This was a such a small gathering compared to the amount of people in Tokyo, but for this small town girl, there were quite a few people!

Looking around as people were worshipping I noticed different people:                      

  • An older man slowly raising both of his hands to worship his Savior.   
  • A lady singing with the biggest smile on her face.     
  • A gentleman with a hand in the air, eyes closed, and gratefulness written all over his face.    
  • One of my team members clapping along. 
  • A younger guy with his head down, staring at the ground looking exhausted and defeated.
  • Another team member who seemed just as lost in thought with God as I was.     
  • I hear a man loudly and excitedly proclaim ‘Amen!’

Noticing all these people, God brought a favorite saying of mine to mind: Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God.

I wondered where each of these people came from, what are their names, why are they homeless, what are their stories? God reminded me He knew.

He reminded me of what He has been showing me. About how He not only loves me, but He likes me. He knows me and loves me more than I love me. He is my Lord and Savior, but He is also my Abba – daddy – and friend.

He told me, that just like He knows me and my love for superheroes, exploring new things, and hot chocolate, He knows each and everyone of these people. And He desires a personal relationship with them.

As you go throughout your day and come in contact with people at work, home, shopping, school – remember that each person you see has a story that matters to God. Perhaps you were put in their story to point them to God or encourage them in their walk with Him.

What do you say – can we be Jesus’s hands, feet, and mouth to show the people of this world the Father who desperately wants to be in relationship with them throughout their story?

story by Christina, on DTS outreach in Japan

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