Evangelism on the streets of Madison

by PD

“How great is our God? Sing with me how great is our God…”

Praise was starting to pick up and the presence of the Lord was almost tangible. I was bursting with excitement to go onto the streets of Madison. “Lord give me the strength to combat the evil of the night and to change hearts for You,” I prayed as we went outside to begin.

It was the day after Halloween. Tens of thousands of young people were intoxicated from a night of partying. After taking time to think and pray, David (on YWAM staff) and I set out into the night to speak into the hearts of these party-goers.

“Paul, let’s go speak to that man over there,” David said.

We went up to talk to a slightly drunk man who was dressed as John Hancock. He was yelling and screaming as people walked past. I was uneasy, but felt emboldened to speak to this man and somehow found a way to begin a conversion.

His name was Brett and he was angry at the world and not afraid to tell people about it. He went on a rampage about how corrupt the world is and that all politicians stink. After about thirty minutes of listening to him vent, we convinced him to come back to the PHOS House for free hot dogs and cocoa that we were serving.

On the way he calmed down, enabling us to talk to him about God and a gospel of love that he had never heard before. I uncharacteristically felt moved by the Lord and continued to preach to the man. Half an hour later, he said something that surprised and excited me.

“Because I have never met Christians so down to earth and real,” he said, “I will read the entire Bible front to back. I want to learn about this God you love.”

At that moment all I could think was “praise God.” For the first time in my life I was an evangelist!