Eunice is a sweet 13 year old girl who loves art. She is an orphan who is HIV positive and in the second stage of TB. Her health is a very big concern right now. Children at Risk DTS student, Ana, writes about the time she spent with Eunice.

Eunice & Ana - YWAM Madison India DTS outreach

Eunice & Ana

As we walked through the girls bedrooms to play outside, my eyes were drawn to one of the girls laying in bed. I walked next to her bed as she was trying to slowly stand up. I could see in her eyes that she was hurting.

“Come pray with me for this girl,” I said to some of the others on my team.

As we prayed for her I felt that I should give her one of the crosses I had on my necklace. As she smiled to thank me, I could see how gaunt her face was. There was pain in her eyes that were surrounded with dark circles.

I smiled back at her, but in my mind I was crying out to God. “Lord, help her, please!”

“Here, read,” she said. She opened the little Bible she kept next to her pillow and turned to Mark 5:21.

I looked at the words and they began to blur on the page. “Jesus raises a dead girl and heals a sick woman,” I read. I fought to keep my voice steady as I saw how much faith she had.

“God is going to heal me, too,” Eunice said.

I spent the rest of the day with Eunice. We sang songs together, read the Bible, and laughed all afternoon.

Maybe I will never see her again. Maybe her body will be made whole in Heaven, or maybe she will get better now and live a long life. The only thing I know for sure is that children like Eunice bless my life and teach me so much more than I can ever possibly bless or teach them.

Please pray with me for Eunice and the other kids at this orphanage. Their lives have all been drastically affected by HIV/AIDS.