Erica H

I came to YWAM Madison to complete a Discipleship Training School in 2007, just nine months after becoming a Christian. I’ve been with YWAM Madison since and it has honestly been the best years of my life!

Since my DTS, I have completed an intensive nine month School of the Bible, and staffed five other Discipleship Training Schools in Madison and in Asia. I lived in another the Far East for 3 years, where I helped a young ministry take root, and have traveled to five other nations to share the Good News. Now, I am a full time volunteer-staff in Madison. My responsibilities include developing relational bridges between Madison and the nations. I am also involved in intercession (prayer groups), various support roles, and working with internationals who are new to the city.

One of my favorite outreach stories happened while I was living in the Far East. The night before my team and I went out for evangelism, I expressed to the Lord that if He could use my voice and my guitar to share about who He is to the people listening, I would be willing to let Him use me in this way. The next morning, I carried my guitar with me, ready for whatever God would bring my way. As we walked through a university campus, one of the student leaders ran up to me.

“Could you play a song for us?” he asked.

I sat on the curb and sang a couple worship songs. One of the students held a megaphone in front of me. Before I knew it, a few hundred people surrounded me and my team. I realized that this was a direct answer to my prayer the night before — God was using my voice and my guitar to share more about who He is to the people listening. I will never forget how it felt to know so confidently that God is willing to use whatever talents I have to declare the truth of who He is to people who desperately need to know Him!