fish farm

Endless opportunity

Written by Brad
DTS Student

The hot rays of sunshine scorched down as our team unpacked their luggage and hammocks, bundling themselves to hide their muzungul (white people) skin from the blazing African sun. The boat carrying us across Lake Victoria leaked, and it was a gentleman’s job to bail out the water with a pail. Sunburnt and exhausted, we can see the land we will call home for the night – a medium-sized island with a large hill in the middle.

Setting our wavering sea legs on solid ground, we were greeted by some wonderful people and welcomed with a plethora of food. After eating, we were shown around the base and the village.

The base is a health clinic, running without electricity or running water. The village brings in its revenue through fishing and drying them in a stretch of lava rock to sell.

After the tour, we hiked to the top of the hill. Looking out over the village, the lake and the sunset, we sit by a cross and begin to worship. We began asking God for insights into his plan for this village. We proclaimed ideas of how to make the island a high-functioning community, gain access to water, use the land to produce energy and grow their own food.

In our time on the island, we were able to share with the people of the village and run the clinic. We provided some hygienic supplies and encouragement to the staff of the clinic, followed by a day of playing with children from the island.

Although our time was short, the island made an everlasting impression on our hearts. When we look at a nation, we feel so small and insignificant. But when we see a small community, we see endless opportunity.

We know that we were here for a reason, and we can make a difference.