Mary teaching BELT seminar

Encountering the Generosity of God

by Mary, BSN student
The goal of our Bible School for the Nations outreach in Nepal was to equip Nepali Christians to recognize that through God they can transform their families, communities, and country. This was something that I was able to fully grasp when I was given the opportunity to share my own testimony in my teaching on “The Heart of Giving.”

When we not only recognize but also allow ourselves to receive the goodness and generosity of God, we are able to live in a more abundant life of generosity ourselves. We live in greater freedom, joy, life, abundance, and a generosity in relationship with God and those around us.

Understanding God as the most generous of all, as the ultimate provider for our lives, and that He called us to live lives of generosity in the same way, is a revelation that has been so significant for my life!