Spark: Arts, Media, Music & Dance

The Power of Art

From art camps for AIDS victims, to murals in orphanages, to dancing and filming on the streets, we’ve seen the arts bring hope to the hurting by engaging their hearts and drawing emotions to the surface that have long been suppressed.

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The Spark that Freed the Slaves

The year was 1787. The slave trade had uprooted millions of people and transported them across the Atlantic in horrific conditions. A survivor of the slave trade named Equiano wrote a book that awakened the conscience of a nation. William Wilberforce picked up the cry for abolition in British parliament. Artists and poets advanced the cause in public opinion. Potter Josiah Wedgewood designed a porcelain hair piece picturing a slave in chains together with the words “Am I Not a Man and a Brother?” This medallion became fashionable across England and helped end the slave trade.

What happens when there is a marriage of the arts? If poets, writers and potters helped free the slaves, what will happen in our day as musicians, photographers, and painters unite their gifts for the cause of freedom?

Spark DTS draws together a wide range of artists with various gifts and passions — musicians, painters, dancers, photographers, writers, and film-makers. We seek to build a community of artists who invest in one another’s lives. Training and inspiration will come from one another and from God Himself as we seek His heart. The primary role of the staff is to facilitate discussion and the creative process, not to provide in-depth art training. Our hope is to blend the various gifts and talents represented in our community to create beautiful artistic pieces that bring healing to the nations.

The Spark: Arts elective is a feature of our Fall and Winter Discipleship Training Schools (DTS). DTS is a 24/7 discipleship community designed to grow your relationship with God and your ability to share His message with the nations.

What To Expect?

A YWAM DTS is for people of all ages (17+) who are serious about taking their relationship with God to the next level. You’ll be in situations that challenge you and bring out your strengths and weaknesses as you learn to give your all for Jesus. You’ll learn how to hear God and to obey Him. Your relationship with God will be on the fast track!

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How Much?

Tuition covers the cost of meals, lodging, guest speakers, and books. Outreach fees vary from $2500 - $4000, depending on the location and cost of airfare.

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