Ends of the Earth

Can We Fulfill The Great Commission In Our Generation?

“The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Him, the more intensely missionary we become.”
― Henry Martyn 

In the Ends of the Earth DTS, God WILL share with you a piece of His heart for the lost in the nations.
Where will He lead you? To what nation? To what people? In what language? Addressing what issues? There’s only one way to find out…join us this winter!
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About This DTS

2000 years ago, Jesus stepped out of the wilderness and into the public eye. His face was set like flint, His mission clear – “the people who sat in darkness would see a great light. And those who lived in the land where death casts its shadow, a light would shine.” (Mat. 4:16)

Down through the ages, others took up his mission. The Apostle Paul endured floggings and shipwrecks to shine that light across Europe. Moravians sold themselves into slavery to reach Caribbean slaves. Brother Andrew hid Bibles in wheel wells to smuggle past communist guards. Each of these missionaries saw the great light. They were freed from the domain of darkness. And they were determined — no price was too great to pay for the one who’d given everything for them.

Who will pick up the torch in this generation? Billions still await the good news. They live in mountain villages, remote islands, closed countries. Will you go where few dare to tread?

The Ends of the Earth DTS will focus on people who have limited access to the Gospel. We will examine the challenges that must be overcome to reach them (geographic, governmental, etc). We will explore inspiring stories of those who have persevered. We will discover cutting edge strategies and technologies to accomplish this mission today. And then we will go on a two month mission trip, meeting real needs and showing people the love and power of the gospel.

The Ends of the Earth theme is a feature of our Winter Discipleship Training School (DTS). DTS is a 24/7 discipleship community designed to grow your relationship with God and your ability to share His message with the nations.

What To Expect?

A YWAM DTS is for people of all ages (17+) who are serious about taking their relationship with God to the next level. You’ll be in situations that challenge you and bring out your strengths and weaknesses as you learn to give your all for Jesus. You’ll learn how to hear God and to obey Him. Your relationship with God will be on the fast track!

When ?

January 7 – June 8


How Much?

Tuition covers the cost of meals, lodging, guest speakers, and books. Outreach fees vary from $2500 – $4000, depending on the location and cost of airfare.

plus outreach
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