DTS Update from Creel, Mexico

We arrived in Creel after an all night ride on a Mexican charter bus. We stayed the first night in a cozy little hotel on the town square, and explored our surroundings the next day. The town is beautiful! Little native curio shops, restaurants, and grocery stores line the streets. Tarahumaran women walk around in colorful traditional dresses with babies wrapped in scarves and tied to their backs.

The next day, we were brought to a Tarahumaran boarding school where we spent the rest of the week doing projects for the school and hanging out with the kids and doing VBS (vacation Bible school) with them. It was a lot of fun. The kids were a little reserved at first, but eventually warmed up to us. We discovered they loved tickle fights!

While there we repaired some of the road, painted a mural on one of the buildings where the kids play, built a fire pit, laid some fresh cement, and worked in their garden.

After our time at the boarding school, we went to YWAM Creel. The YWAM campus is nestled atop cliffs over looking the town. It’s a beautiful view of the surrounding town, mountains, and cliffs all day long. From there, we traveled to other Tarahumaran villages doing Bible programs, crafts, and games with the children.

At the YWAM campus, we also broke ground for a new greenhouse. We’re also helping create a home for one of the families here.

(We have not been without adventure, though. We picked up bed bugs at one of our previous locations! We spent the last week with a fumigator, scrubbing all the mattresses, and boiling most of the clothes.)