DTS teams arrive in India & Thailand!

With such a large Children at Risk DTS this year (22 students), we split into two outreach teams. This way, all of the students have more opportunities to do ministry. And of course, this way we can serve more people! Our teams went to India and Thailand.

Both of them will do similar types of work: they will care for orphans and street kids, showing them love and attention they don’t often receive; and they will share God’s love to refugees, prostitutes, and outcasts. You’ll get to see more of what each team does as you keep reading this blog.

The teams left the US on December 30 and traveled for the next two days. We’ve received word from both teams that they have arrived and are doing well! They are just getting started with outreach to orphanages and going to villages. They won’t always have internet access, but we will report the stories as they come in. And yes, we’ll post any photos we receive, too! We’ve got a few shutterbugs on the teams. 🙂

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