DTS Team safely in India

by Kelly, outreach team leader

We made it safely to Gaya!

Because we’re a larger team, we’ve split into three smaller groups for our mornings. Each of us will rotate through the following projects:

One team (led by PD) has been going to a leper colony, meeting people there, and helping in the school that is run by the YWAMers here. They have had a great time there and we will have stories coming soon!

The second group (led by me) went to Boda Gaya, the Buddhist pilgrimage location (where Budda received his enlightenment). The atmosphere was markedly different — we felt a heaviness there that I don’t remember feeling in India before. There is a lot of witchcraft, so please pray for us.

The third group is doing work projects at the base, preparing meals and cleaning. They have the fun job of playing outside with the kids in our neighborhood. We have gotten to know many of them and they are teaching us more Hindi.

We also started music and art lessons at a local church! We’ll be at this particular church on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and at another church on Thursdays and Fridays. The people in the music class want to learn English and Christian songs, so DTS students Tabea and Daniel are heading up that group. The art group taught people yesterday how to make bracelets, and also learned how to make bracelets by the Indians who came. 🙂

Sunday, we went to two churches, doing the sermon, dramas, and music. We will go to church often here in India, and because we are visitors, we’re often asked to give a special message to the church. Please pray that the students would continue to hear from God and share the things that are on His heart!