children at risk dts

Announcing 2009 Rescue Ops DTS: Children at Risk

The stories of children around the world are staggering. Throughout the world millions of children are orphaned through war, through AIDS, through extreme poverty. Every seven seconds a child dies from a preventable disease. Drug addiction runs rampant. Children are sold into prostitution or forced to become child soldiers. They’re lost and they have no place to live. These children have no hope. And these are the ones that are on the heart of God.

Rescue Ops DTS will focus on the needs of children around the world and the issues that put them at risk. We will also focus on the heart of God who promises to be a “Father to the fatherless, who sets the lonely in families.” (Psalm 68:5,6)

For three months (Sept-Dec), we will examine strategies to help these kids and pursue ways to assist poor communities around the world. And then we will go, spending two months (Jan-Feb 2010) overseas (potentially in India or Africa). We will work with street kids, AIDS orphans and slum communities, as well as reach out to people of all ages through evangelism.

If you are interested in receiving more information or attending, please contact [email protected]

Learn more about the Children at Risk DTS at YWAM Madison.