DTS Arrives in India

We all made it safe and sound and have reached the city. We’ve spent our last two days here getting acquainted with Indian culture. Jet lag has not been a major problem although we are a bit tired. Jon, who runs the orphanage here, has given us some very good pointers. He’s also taken us out shopping so that the girls could buy Punjabis and the boys could get some dressier clothes.

Everyone seems to be adjusting to the culture. They are finding things that they enjoy about the culture and have been sharing those things with each other – a few highlights were music, the children at the home, the adventure of bucket showers and rickshaws, the WEATHER.

They also were noticing specific answers to prayers they prayed. Rynn was feeling sick the other day and asked God to take it away and immediately felt better. Travis has been praying for his breathing and asthma problems and despite lots of pollution, doesn’t have any problems. Jen usually suffers from jet lag for about 5 days, but has had very little…. and there are many more.

Overall, people are positive and God is speaking to us in our Quiet Times good words for the whole team.