DTS 2012 Outreach Teams Itineraries

Mexico Outreach

  • The team began in Juarez, helping at a children’s home while waiting for the weather to allow them to fly on to Mexico City. They were in Mexico City through January 14, where they worked with street kids and underage girls rescued from prostitution.
  • Sunday the 20th the team heads to Creel/Chihuahua for two weeks and then on to Mazatlan for about ten days.
  • In Copper Canyon of Chihuahua state from Jan. 20-27,
    they will work among an unreached people group known as the Tarahumaras. They will work alongside seasoned pioneering missionaries
    who have been working in the sierra for the last 20 years among the precious Tarahumara indians.
  • Heading to Mazatlan for the next week, the team will join forces with other YWAM teams for outreach to the party goers streaming into Mazatlan for their annual Carnival. They will engage those attending the multi day event with the love of God through
    creative arts presentations and the simple sharing of the Gospel.
  • Finally, the team will return to Juarez from Jan. 28-Feb. 20, working alongside the staff of Rancho Los Amigos, a children’s home that provides a loving family atmosphere to more than thirty children ages five to eighteen.

Uganda Team

    • After touching down in Kampala, the team began work with Loving One by One ministry, which is dedicated to helping refugee and homeless children in Uganda reach their full potential.
    • In Jinja, the team worked with YWAM and helped run a kids’ camp. Just under two hundred kids were expected, but four hundred showed up! The food miraculously stretched to feed each child.
    • Back in Kampala, the team worked with Ray of Hope, which acts as a lifeline of education for poor children whose families can not afford expensive school fees. Many of the children have lost one or both parents.
    • The team will go north to Soroti Jan 18-23. Soroti is home to many refugees.
    • Jan 24 – Feb 1, the team will return to Jinja, where they will help at St. Amerias Children’s Home.
    • They will work with rescued children at Okoa Refuge in Masaka Feb 2-5 and again in Kampala Feb 6-7 where they will partner with Kirabo Seeds. Kirabo Seeds helps create self sustaining opportunities for Ugandan churches to help their own children.
  • The team will return to Jinja a final time to spend more time with YWAM Hopeland and St. Amerias, before their final few days in Kampala at Loving Hearts Baby Home, a home for abandoned babies Feb 16-19.

Northern Thailand/Myanmar Team

  • After an introduction to Thailand, the team worked with Burmese and North Korean refugees and went to unreached peoples in the hill tribes. They also ran a children’s home for Burmese orphans and gave the staff of the home a much needed weekend break.
  • From January 16-31, the team will be in Chiang Mai doing medical ministry to Karen refugees from Burma and teaching English.
  • They will cross the border and work among Karen refugees and continue to help with basic medical care.
  • The team will return to Bangkok Feb. 18-20.

Central Thailand/Cambodia Team

  • The team will be in Bangkok from Jan. 1-25, teaching English especially to young women who would otherwise find work in the sex industry. They also reached out to the men and sex tourists with the MST Project. Read more about the MST Project goals here: http://www.mstproject.com/vision
  • The team will then go to Phnom Phen, Cambodia,  from Jan. 26-Feb. 5 – working with girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. They will also reach out to sex tourists, much like they did in Bangkok.
  • The final phase of this team’s outreach will take them to Pattaya Slum Ministries where they will share God’s love to the children of prostitutes. They’ll also be at the Tamar Center in Pattaya, rehabilitating girls rescued from prostitution.

India / Nepal Teams

  • From Jan. 1-21, the two teams will be in Nepal doing evangelism and mercy ministry in remote villages where many women are trafficked to India for prostitution. They’ll distribute food and blankets, work among street kids, preach in churches and build a school!
  • January 22-29, one team will go south to Kolkata, India where they’ll work with street kids. The other team will go to a closed Himalayan country where they will do intercession, evangelism and mercy ministry.
  • The team will come back together in India from Jan. 30-Feb. 20. They will work with AIDS orphans, street kids, slums, women and children in the brothels, and a Red Light preschool.

All of the teams will fly back to Madison February 20!