Discovering New Gifts from God

by Corrie, DTS student
Bangkok, Thailand 

Thai child at English school

Thai child at English school

On the other side of Bangkok we worked with A-Mane English Center, a Christian business that serves mostly Buddhist and Muslim families. Our first few days, we practiced introductions with the children and played games with them. We also helped the teachers with some of their lessons. At the end of the week, we led an English camp at a local amusement park for 51 students.

I was in charge of six ten-year-old girls who only spoke a small amount of English. It was a fun challenge. I loved watching them experience new things like snow and sledding in Snow Town, or build their courage to take risks on the scary roller coaster. By the end of the day, I had been called “Teacher” about 150 times, and I felt so much closer to these precious little girls.

I hope the light and love of Jesus shown to them through my actions that day. I hope they one day know just how much He really loves them!

My experiences working with A-Mane have opened my eyes to something that I love: teaching and tutoring one-on-one. I also found that knowing English can be a gift from God. So many people want to learn it, and I can bless them by teaching it. And I enjoy it too!