children at risk dts

A Cry that Demands a Response

Throughout the world millions of children are orphaned through war, AIDS, and extreme poverty. Every seven seconds a child dies from a preventable disease. Drug addiction runs rampant. Children are sold into prostitution or forced to become child soldiers. They’re lost and they have no place to live. These children have no hope. And these are the ones that are on the heart of God.

In this short film, Eric Ludy declares that God wants to rescue the weak and helpless by using our lives. Are you willing for Jesus to use your hands and feet—to use your strength on behalf of the weak, needy, destitute, orphan, and widow around the world?

An Army that Lays Down its Life for the Cause

The Children at Risk DTS is committed to mobilizing millions to respond to the desperate needs of children. In this five month missions program, you’ll encounter Jesus in deeply personal ways, make incredible friends, travel across the globe and learn about the issues that put children at risk — sex trafficking, poverty, AIDS, abuse, child soldiers, and broken families.

You’ll spend the first three months in the USA examining strategies to help at risk kids and impoverished communities around the world. Then you will go to places like India, Thailand, Uganda and Colombia. In your two month mission trip, you will help street kids, AIDS orphans, slum communities, sex slaves and refugees.

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