Dematatis Family

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is an international, interdenominational missions movement that exists to “know God and make Him known”. This is truly our number one desire!
Our story
Paul first came to YWAM Madison in 2008, just weeks after a dramatic conversion experience left him desperate to tell others of the love of Christ. Amy began her YWAM journey in Russia in 2009 eager to know God more and see Him move in the nations. In 2011, Amy came to Madison to take a YWAM course called the Bible School for the Nations (BSN). It was in this course that we first met as students. During the BSN, we each experienced the truth of Scripture in a way that dramatically changed our lives. We both became convinced of how the truth of God’s word is the only way to bring true freedom to individuals and nations (John 8:32).
With this passion for the truth and desire to see God’s love impact others, we both joined full-time YWAM Madison staff in 2012. Shortly after, we began dating and then got married in the summer of 2014. In October 2016 we welcomed our daughter, Lydia. Our son, Mason, was born in November 2019, and we are expecting another baby boy in April 2023! We praise God for His faithfulness and thank Him for the ways He has expanded our ministry and influence because of our kids! They are an important part of our team and have a role to play in the mission to which God has called us!
Our city and ministry
Madison is a culturally diverse, socially engaged, beautiful city in need of a Savior. As the capital of Wisconsin and home of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, it is a city of great influence, especially in the spheres of government and education. As a family working with YWAM Madison, we also feel a calling to the education sphere. We are called and committed to making disciples through education and hospitality. Our vision is to raise up a generation of disciples from all nations through biblical education for children. And we are starting in Madison because this city is both a home and a bridge to the nations!
We believe that everyone on earth has the right to have a Christian education available for their children (The Christian Magna Carta, developed by YWAM leaders, 1981). In accordance with that belief, we purpose to make Christian education available to every family within our local community that desires it. Our mission is to establish a biblical Christian school on Madison’s Northside that is open to and affordable for children from all nations, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds. In September 2022, we saw the first fruits of our mission and vision become a reality as All Nations Academy opened its doors to its first students! We are trusting God as He continues to lead us step-by-step into the fullness of the vision He has given us.
While our ministry is based in Madison, we have also loved investing our lives in the nations. As individuals and as a couple, we have been to more than 10 countries with YWAM, many of these multiple times. Now that we are planted here at home, we are eager to continue our investment in the nations by reaching our own neighborhood, which is filled with people from around the world, including hundreds of children!
Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about our ministry!