Daniel’s Intro to Thailand

by Daniel H., DTS student

So after a long flight, a night in Tokyo, and shorter but still long flight, we arrived in Bangkok. We were picked up at the airport and rode in the back of a pickup truck to the YWAM Thailand center. (The truck’s box is caged in with seats and bars to hold on to, in case you’re wondering.)

After orientation taught us how to greet people in Thai, a number of squatting positions for the squatty potty, and a few cultural do’s and don’ts, we were ready for Thailand. The first two days we were able to spend time with the northern Thailand team before saying our goodbyes. We took a bus, a train, and boat into more central Bangkok to do a tour of the Buddhist temples. It was interesting to see. And the temples were very beautifully designed. After lunch in the markets, we headed back to the YWAM center.

Within walking distance we have four 7-11’s, a small mall, a grocery store, and a market place, where we eat every day. Our food budget is 30-60 baht per meal. This is 1-2 dollars. Believe me it’s enough!

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights the market stands that sell clothes and little trinkets come out and you can do your shopping. I bought two shirts for $8. We sleep on bunks that have rock hard mattresses but mattresses nonetheless, so I’m not complaining. The roof of our building is taller than most around so we can see much of Bangkok and watch both the sunrise and the sunset.

It’s hot here in Thailand. Few clouds and no rain. 35+/95+ degrees C/F weather with humidity. And the locals says it’s cold right now. Yikes!

But all in all I love it here and I love my team. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.