Daniel Czirr

I grew up as a Pastor’s kid, so I had a lot of knowledge of who God was, but I had limited personal experience of his goodness, love, and faithfulness. I decided to attend the Discipleship Training School to experience God’s love for me, something I had been questioning. I wanted to claim my faith for myself, not just something I believed because my parents believed. After completing my DTS in June of 2016, I immediately knew my next step was to join staff. During my outreach to different places in Europe, I felt God’s call on my life to become a full-time missionary. Before DTS I was like a lost sailor at sea, not knowing what it meant to have a real relationship with God, not knowing which way to turn, or what my purpose was here on earth. All I knew was that I wanted to make a difference for someone else’s life. DTS opened my eyes to the importance of discipling others and how much difference that it can make in people’s lives just like it did for me. This is what God has called me to do! My main focus will be working with the Discipleship Training Schools here at YWAM Madison.

During outreach, I noticed how many people have a story to tell, but no one to tell it to. I noticed how many people just want to be heard, but there aren’t as many people who want to listen. Many of these people are youth that seem lost with no one to turn to. I feel that God has gifted me with an ability to listen well, and I should use that gift in working with youth long term.

My mission is to Disciple others, listen well, and love people with God’s love – a love that can transform hearts and minds.

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