Created for: Relationship

from Rebeca Z, DTS staff

We’ve been in a new country for a while now. And something that has become so clear to me is the importance of relationships.

Great friendships are epic. Like Remember the Titans, the football team who banded┬átogether. It’s Sam carrying Frodo up Mount Doom. It’s Harry, Ron, and Hermione traveling together. Snoopy and Woodstock. Patrick and Spongebob. Ana and Elsa. Shrek and Donkey. Han Solo and Chewbacca. The list goes on.

We were made for relationship. God, being relational, made us to be relational.

Culture, science, and our own hearts show us we need each other. We can’t do life alone.

In a new country, it has been so crucial to lean on and relate to each other on our team. We need each other.

It has been amazing to make so many connections with people here.

People stopping in the streets to meet us. Children at English corners. University students in small groups.

People of different ages and backgrounds, from different walks of life.

At the end of our time together, we hurriedly exchange phone numbers, contact info, and snap pictures. We promise to stay in contact.

It’s amazing that even though we have only just met, we are already so connected. I feel like this truly reflects our need and desire for relationship.

For people to be real with and to walk through life with: to laugh, to cry, to be serious, and to have fun.

How can you connect and deepen relationships today?