Construction Help Needed August 13-Sept 16

We're making way for all our wonderful Discipleship Training Students who are joining us this fall! We are so excited to see how many more young people are inspired to make a difference in this world, especially in reaching out to children at risk — orphans, street kids, children at risk of sex trafficking.

To make room for our 33-and-counting students, we are doing some additional construction at our Training & Retreat Center. For the most part, basic carpentry skills are all that is needed.  We could also use help with other tasks, including work site clean up, or serving the volunteers with snacks.

Would you help us? If you can help, please call our office at 608-255-0500 and speak to Warren.

Thank you!

Here is our YWAM-Madison construction list:

1. We hope to start the renovation of the cafeteria August 13 and completed by Sept. 16. This will involve primarily general carpentry skills. We have a contractor overseeing the project, but could use help with general carpentry and electrical work, putting in a level floor and staircase. We also hope to make renovations to our lounge, building a wall that would allow it to be used as a dormitory.

2. We have some plumbing needs- replacing an old sink and toilet. This would require someone with some skills who has done it before. We also need to run some gas lines to the kitchen.

3. We plan to build a new section of roof, which would require general carpentry work. We will work in conjunction with our contractor. This can be done after the cafeteria extension is completed.

4. We are in need of an experienced person who can complete the new tile work begun in the shower rooms and north porch.

5. We need to complete a landscaping project at the Global Mission Center (our main office building located in Madison), repairing the fallen retainer wall and installing pavers in the courtyard.

6. We need help with our HVAC, installing new ductwork in the dorms and bathrooms.