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Coffee, Sidewalk Chalk, and Abrazos Gratis: Park Ministry in Mexico

When our contact suggested that we do coffee ministry in a park in downtown Morelia, we had no idea what to expect. But as we prayed, God gave us many ideas about what we could do. So, we set out with several YWAM Morelia staff members, chalk, coffee, face paint, signs that said “abrazos gratis!” (free hugs!) and our hearts set to bless the beautiful people of Morelia.

When we arrived at the park, we weren’t sure we were welcome, but the hesitation we felt upon our initial welcome turned to astonishment later that day. People enjoyed the free coffee; the chalk was a big hit too!  After we left the park, people continued adding to our “chalk gallery,” things that surprised us all. It wasn’t only children who were drawing and scribbling on it; most of those using the chalk were adults!

The following day we felt compelled to continue the coffee ministry.  When we arrived, chalk covered the streets. People had added Scriptures, beautiful drawings and phrases like “God loves you.” God blessed this ministry immensely and we continued with similar ministry ideas like this throughout our time in Morelia. As we planned for each day God gave us different ideas, such as prophetic art and painting. One day we were able to join with DTS students from Mazatlán.  God allowed us to reach out to hundreds of kids, families, couples, and youth.

On our last day of coffee ministry, Megan had the idea of picking up trash throughout the park. As we cleaned the park, people approached us in amazement. They’d never seen a foreigner picking up trash.  They were so surprised by this act of service that they offered us water and encouraged us. They even wanted to take photos because we were such an unusual sight!

Each day we came home amazed by our experiences. Our simple acts of love stirred people’s curiosity. They kept asking us why we were doing these things.

“We’re simply obeying what God spoke to us,” we said.

And this simple statement opened many doors for us to share our testimonies, listen to people’s stories and talk about what it looks like to follow Jesus. We discovered how true it is that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Story by Claire on DTS Outreach in Mexico. Photos by Tyler Jon Olsen. Ending quote by Teddy Rosevelt.

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