Coffee with Muslims and a Vision of Jesus

Coffee, Muslim Friends and A Vision of Jesus

I was blessed with a surprise visit from Abdul and Jamal on Saturday. They had driven up from Chicago, Friday night and wanted to see me while they were in town. We met together for two hours at a coffee shop and were joined briefly by their brother Muhammad and his wife.

Abdul and Jamal had viewed the two video links I’d sent them. One shared the faith journey of Al Fadi from Fundamentalist Islam to faith in Jesus. The other shared the faith journey of Nabeel Qureshi. They had never heard such testimonies before and were quite intrigued by the faith journeys of these two men. I asked for their impressions, especially regarding Nabeel’s struggle over what he had been taught about Mohammad and the Quran as he grew up, and what he later discovered as he researched the original, trusted, Islamic documents.

This question led to a lengthy discussion about the Quran, the Bible, legalism, the law, and the importance of Jesus. We talked about the transformational role Christ plays in changing people’s hearts and lives. We discussed how He didn’t come to abolish the law, but rather to fulfill it. He came to reveal how human beings were meant to live and treat one other. One of the unique aspects of Jesus’ message was the call to love our enemies. I shared that we can all love our “own”. Hindus can love Hindus, Muslims can love Muslims. Jesus’ message, however, calls us to love those that mistreat or persecute us. Jesus taught that love for God and one another was the true essence of the law and the prophets. Religious people get caught up in imposing rules and regulations, but miss the “heart” of the matter.

“I wish we focused more on the life and teachings of Jesus,” Abdul said. “I think these teachings could really help Muslims.”

I could hardly contain my excitement over Abdul’s words.

“I think that many Muslims today are like the Pharisees and Scribes in Jesus’ day,” Abdul continued. “They have a commitment to a religious system, but really miss the heart message. I really love the message of Jesus.”

I was so encouraged by Abdul’s words. And it led us into conversation about a worldwide phenomena among Muslims.

“Did you know that Muslims all over the world are having dreams and visions of Jesus?” I said. “They are coming to faith in Jesus as a result of these direct supernatural encounters. Even Imams and former terrorists! You can read all it in the book, Dreams and Visions.”

“Luke,” Jamal said. “This happened to me on Thursday. I saw Jesus in a vision.”

“What?? You have to tell me all about it,” I said.

“I was just waking up when it happened,” Jamal said. “My head was on Jesus’ lap and Jesus was stroking my hair. He was so gentle and I felt very peaceful and safe.”

I could hardly contain my enthusiasm and wanted to pursue the conversation further, but we were already past the time when they had to leave for another commitment. As we stood to leave, I felt like the believers in Acts 12 who couldn’t believe it was actually Peter at their door even though they’d just been praying for his release from prison. I have prayed so many times that God would reveal himself to my Muslim friends through dreams and visions. And now it was actually happening! I could hardly believe it! 

As we hugged and said our goodbyes, Jamal mentioned that he would love to read Dreams and Visions. This is a big deal as supernatural encounters like this are one of the few ways Muslims believe God speaks to them. Please pray that the message Jesus is trying to bring to Jamal will be clear and will get through to his heart and mind.

Story from one of our staff. All names changed. Photo from Nathan Dumlao.

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