Dreams and Obedience

A Missionary Kid Paul joked that he has been in YWAM for 41 years; spoiler, he is 41 years old. Growing up a missionary kid in Tyler, Texas he always had a relationship with Jesus. When he was 1 ½ years old he was smuggling Bibles into a closed nation! At 9 years old he went on a King’s Kids …

The Gap Year That Changed My Life

  Amanda completed her DTS and BSN at YWAM Madison. She has since returned to Canada where she is attending university and studying Speech Pathology. She explained how her gap year with YWAM Madison helped prepare her for university, her vocational calling, and ultimately changed her life. God In University “I grew significantly during my gap year at YWAM Madison. …

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What It Means To Be A Missionary — Rachel’s Discovery on the Streets of Phnom Penh

That’s the hardest part of being a missionary. You are there to change reality, to change eternity, but you will never be able to fully grasp other people’s reality. Because it isn’t your reality.

I tried to come to grips with that as I sat on the cold tile floor of a Cambodian home. Eight of us sat cross legged on the floor as we crammed inside a twelve by twelve home. Inside the home lived a grandmother and her granddaughter. The granddaughter was an orphan and the grandmother was fighting to make enough money to pay the bills.

God answers all kinds of prayers

from Marlies, DTS student on outreach in Greece Sometimes when God shows up, He descends in a pillar of fire to guide his people to the Promised Land. Other times he manifests in a burning bush for just one dude. And many other times, He answers small prayers in quiet ways to show us how much he loves us. Marlies, …